Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tandoori Bistro - San Jose

Been wanting to try out this place for quite a while especially after we found out that they served lunch buffet for $9.95. There was no decent Indian restaurant in this part of San Jose where we lived so having one closer to home was exciting. Knowing that if we crave Indian food we no longer have to drive all the way to Sunnyvale or Cupertino (Sitar Express).

We went there around 2 pm on Sunday. Surprisingly the place was packed. It took us about 5 minutes to get seated. Nobody acknowledged us for that 5 minutes until one of the waiters came and told us that we could get a table as soon as she had it cleaned. She then invited us to go straight to the buffet line and told us that our water would be brought to our table.

The selection on buffet line was adequate. For my first plate I had some fried potato fritters with spice, yellow lentils curry, lamb curry, potato curry and chicken tandoori. There was a huge platter with lentils in the middle surrounded by some burnt buns. I had no clue what that one was. I made an attempt to pick up one bun but decided against since they looked so messy.

Went back to our table and started enjoying the food. My first try was lentil. Not bad. Not much taste. Tried the potato curry thingy and thought ...hmm...tangy yogurt flavor. But not salty. Maybe it supposed to taste like that. It didn't hit me until hubby said that the dishes were a bit bland. Then I tried the rest of the lamb curry, chicken tandoori and got my confirmation. All the dishes were bland. The lamb curry could have been good. We could taste the spice but it's missing the main ingredients : salt. Lack of it.

The naan was served fresh at our table. But the water could use a wedge of lemon and ice. On a day like today which wasn't really hot, the water felt warm. I didn't feel like drinking it so decided to try on a mango yogurt drink which seemed to be very popular. It turned out to be very good. Tasted like a diluted version of mango flavored yogurt but not very sweet. I guess that's the highlight of our lunch.

I guess we would still travel to either Cupertino area or Sunnyvale for our next craving of Indian food. How sad.

Tandoori Bistro
5353 Almaden Expy, San Jose, California 95118   (408) 267-4367