Sunday, July 18, 2010

Janty Noodle and Bakmi Parahyangan - West Covina

We’ve been to this noodle joint last year. For an Indonesian style dry noodle, this is as close as you can get when you’re craving it. We were there on Sunday evening. The place seemed more alive than before. The premise is part of a food court adjacent to a grocery store. Last year when we were there, the grocery store was closed down. This year there has been a replacement – Hongkong Supermarket. Supposedly it’s a supermarket chain stores that has around 17 around LA area, mostly West Covina and Rowland Heights.

The new comer was another noodle joint exactly next to Janty Noodle. The name is Bakmi Parahyangan – Parahyangan Noodle. I ordered a bowl of noodle with mushroom topping from Janty noodle for hubby. Then I went next door and inquired about their noodle. Looking at the menu, I noticed a lot of over lapping between Janty Noodle and Bakmi Parahyangan. Wow…what a tight competition. I ordered their special which was ..of course – The Parahyangan noodle itself.

Hubby got his noodle and enjoyed it so much. He kept on praising that it was the best dry noodle by far. He asked me what I ordered and I told him I got another noodle order from the other stall. He commented that he was hungry and had room for more. Then I went and picked up my noodle order. Upon looking at it, we were overwhelmed. Noodle was nowhere to be seen. Roasted pork, half a soy sauce egg, chicken meat, boy choy, pork skin, etc. Those were the topping for this Parahyangan noodle. Wow..we totally got a better value for almost the same amount paid. Competition is awesome !!

Janty Noodle
989 S Glendora Ave #14

West Covina, CA 91790
(626) 480-1808

Bakmi Parahyangan (next door to Janty Noodle)