Monday, July 5, 2010

Kyochon - Los Angeles

Having had this name on my 'must try' list for at least two years. Finally I can cross it out and make room for other restaurants.

The restaurant was located on a strip mall. Parking on a busy day could be challenging. The strip mall has limited parking space. We were there at 12 noon on Saturday. Some of the restaurants were not open for business but there were not too many parking spots left.

The restaurant itself was at the corner of the strip mall which gives it benefits of having view to both street - 6th St and Serrano. Especially since the restaurant also has huge windows with covering that can be pulled down (on hot days) that will show pictures of fried chicken. Tasty !

We went to the counter but upon knowing that we were going to eat there, we were told to get a seat. Then a waitress brought us our menus. I zeroed in on a small order of soy sauce chicken wings. Hubby would get the combo of potato wedges, spicy chicken wings with a soda. I also got a side dish of pickled daikon. While waiting for the order we saw a few patrons coming in and out picking up their orders. Their take out orders was put in a very cute bag that looked more like a bag from a boutique rather than a take out fried chicken restaurant. I'm not kidding !

The potato wedges came on a platter with a little container of ketchup. It was far way bigger platter than I'd have imagined. The chicken wings though were smaller than I thought. A small order of chicken wings only consists of five pieces. And of course that were not much. But we were not looking to stuff ourselves. The day was going to be long and we looked forward to other eateries along the way.

Back to the chicken wings. The spicy ones were delicious. Awesome. A bit of heat and hint of garlic at the background. Our order of soy sauce wings were grilled (which could also be fried to your choice if one prefers) were not special. They were just salty and we felt like we could do it ourselves at home. But they went well with the sweet tangy pickled daikon. All in all the combination of potato, chicken and daikon were good. We were full but not stuffed. If they had location closer to where we live, we would certainly be back.

3833 W 6th St

Los Angeles, CA 90020