Thursday, July 8, 2010

Sapp Coffee Shop - Thai Town Los Angeles

Feeling like having a bowl of hot Thai style noodle soup in the morning, we skipped breakfast at our hotel. By 9 something we left our hotel and was on 101 to Thai Town. The road was relatively quiet. Hollywood Blvd was still sleeping. I started to doubt that we would be able to get our bowl of noodle that morning. But we were wrong, the big sign outside Sapp Cafe said OPEN. We gladly parked and went in.

The lady greeted us in Thai thinking that we were. She brought us the menu and as we were looking at it, she brought us two cups of ice water. Then we were ready to order. I got noodle soup with minced pork, fish cake and sliced pork liver and hubby got noodle soup with fish ball.

Not long later we were busy prepping our noodle soup and slurping it. As usual they satisfied our craving of hot and sour Thai style noodle. Hubby's fish ball noodle soup actually came with fried pig skin (chicharones) which surprisingly when got soggy absorbed a lot of flavor of the soup. Yummy and good combination with fish balls. My noodle soup used pork bone broth so it had more pork flavor than hubby's which was pretty mild.

The bowl of noodle there was slightly smaller than those of Vietnamese pho in San Jose so we felt that we had room for another item. So the next time the lady came checking on us, we ordered a plate of rad na which is fried wide rice noodle with gravy.

Our rad na was also very good. Smoky with enough gravy to fill up a plate but the noodle wasn't soggy at all. Perfect.

Sapp Coffee Shop
5183 Hollywood Blvd,  Los Angeles, CA 90027   (323) 665-1035