Thursday, August 26, 2010

A & J Restaurant - Cupertino

This business is located at the Cupertino Village shopping mall. On the same side as Joy Luck. The first time we went there was more than two years ago. The fact that the business is still around showed that they are doing something right.

As usual, we went ahead and put a name on the wait list. But beware. Instead of calling names like other businesses, they actually called the number and the number of guests. Watch out for your number on the list and listened as they're called in Mandarin.

The beef noodle soup here got tons of raves. Me and hubby never tried it. We liked the minced meat noodle and the spicy wonton. Again, ordering could be a challenge as the menu has English translation but the ordering form doesn't. So what we did was matching the Chinese characters to know which one to order. Yup..that's what happened when you're illiterate.

If you don't have problem with all those and don't mind sharing a table with some strangers then you'll fit right in. time, since it was only me and hubby and the only table available was a round table for five. We were asked if we mind sharing table. We didn't. It feels like eating in cafetaria when I was in college. :)

For our minced meat noodle, there was option of wide or regular noodle. I said regular even though when the option was presented, it sounded like thin noodle. It wasn't thin as I expexted and even bigger than what we usually have. But they went well with the minced meat once they're well mixed.

The spicy wonton were mostly flour and not much filling if any at all. And even though it sounded spicy, it wasn't. Good companion with the minced meat noodle.
A & J Restaurant
10893 North Wolfe Road Cupertino, CA 95014-0605 - (408) 873-8298