Tuesday, August 3, 2010

SJ Omogari - San Jose

Ever since I found out about our favorite Korean restaurant has been closed down (New Kang Nam) I vowed to find another replacement. There's none in our area in south San Jose. The closest one showed up in downtown San Jose. Or more exact in Japan Town of San Jose. Only one way to know whether this restaurant will be up to par to our liking - check it out ourselves !!

We were there Saturday way past lunch time. There were two tables occupied when we walked in. We were seated at a smaller table for two but we requested a bigger table. I just don't like seating in the middle of the room. So we settled down on a table by the wall. We know what we wanted so it didn't take long to decide.

The side dishes (ban chan) were brought out. There were five little dishes - kimchee (a must), bean sprout ( should have been soy bean sprout), potato, pickled radish and pickled cucumber. The ban chan were pretty disappointing. Not very original and tiny in amount.

Hubby's seafood stone pot rice mix (seafood dolsot bibimbap) was good. He enjoyed it very much. My spicy pork on sizzling plate was also good. Nicely grilled and had a smoky flavor typical grilled meat. It's too bad some of the pork was pretty fatty so I reluctantly put them aside.

All in all it was a nice experience. In our opinion the flavor was pretty good but in term of value for money, it still below our beloved New Kangnam. Well...the search continues.

SJ Omogari
154 Jackson Street  San Jose, CA 95112   (408) 288-8134