Sunday, August 22, 2010

Spice Hut - San Jose

Recently I just found out there's such thing as Indian Chinese food. Apparently some Hakka people travelled around India and brought their heritage there and created some chinese food that is influenced by Indian spices. Interested about that I started to find out where I could try that around Bay Area. My research brought me to Spice Hut.

There are three locations of Spice Hut - San Jose, Newark and Sunnyvale. But upon looking at their online menu, it seemed there was a slight difference between each one of the location. We decided on the San Jose locations since it is the closest one with the Indian Chinese food on their menu.

We got there around 1:30 and there were quite a lot of patrons. The set up is like a cafetaria style. Get in line, choose your order pay for it and they'll give you an electronic device that will buzz when the order is ready.

We chose an order of #4 paratha with vegetarian curry, chicken manchurian dry with rice and chicken tikka nanini. Total $25. As we were waiting for our order I just realized that all the orders either eat in or take out are all placed on styrofoam containers. They must have not any dish washer at that location.

Look at our order on the pictures and I felt like this place didn't offer good value for the price. The chicken manchurian was $7.25 and it didn't come with rice. I think if you're having lunch there, the chicken tikka nanini was probably a better deal.

Okay let's talk about the food itself. I started digging in on the nanini because I didn't want it to go soggy. It reminded me a lot of quesadilla. Outer layer of tortilla style bread made of flour with filling of curried meat, bell pepper, onion and cheese. Served on bed of shredded lettuce and carrot with cilantro like dipping sauce and ketchup. I could totally have this for my lunch, especially the price was $5.25 (before tax). Delicioso.

Manchurian chicken is actually chunk of chicken pieces breaded and deep fried then stir fry with tons of minced garlic, chilli flakes, onion, green onion, celery and ginger. It looked like regular sweet sour chicken but after a few bites, the heat started to build up.

The roti paratha was actually thicker than I thought. The vegetarian curry was thick, fragrant and rich. I'm not sure if paratha is usually eaten as a meal or more like snack. In Singapore where we had it before the paratha was thinner and airy and the curry was thinner and more like a dipping sauce.
We will be back but just to do take out which I think is going to be a better deal.
Spice Hut
1086 North 1st Street, San Jose, CA 95112-4922  (408) 977-0715