Friday, October 22, 2010

Sushi One - Milpitas

We were there on a gloomy Sunday afternoon. There was a big grand opening sign outside. We looked at the menu and hubby was interested in their ramen. Yummy for cold rainy day. We almost didn't make it in because there was nobody inside. But I convinced hubby to try since I need stuff to write for my blog. :)

When we walked in, there was no greetings. The only person behind the counter had his back on us and didn't know that we were there. We waited a minute and decided to say hi instead. He turned around and quickly seated us. While we looked at the menu, a bowl of edamame was brought out. It turned out later on that was complimentary ! It was a very nice gesture.

I got a #9 bento combo - salmon teriyaki, tempura and california roll. Hubby got char siu ramen. My bento box was a really good value. Soo much food and I got to try so many different things. The teriyaki salmon though was a bit bland. Hubby didn't like his ramen. It didn't taste like ramen and the only thing ramen about it was the noodle they used. The broth and the condiments was more like a Chinese style noodle. Well, I guess it could pass as a fusion style ramen. The ramen came with a bowl of fried rice. I guess that's what lured us - or hubby in. He missed the ramen we had in Shinjuku where the ramen was served with a bowl of fried rice. But unfortunately, the experience wasn't even close to that.

All in all it was a good value. The food wasn't very authentic. It's more like fusion. When we got the bill, it seemed to me that there was discount given, maybe due to the grand opening. For sure we won't go back.

Sushi One
217 W Calaveras Blvd  Milpitas, CA 95035   (408) 719-8882