Sunday, October 31, 2010

Tii Cafe - San Jose

Originally we were going to Thien Long next door but due to the line there we decided to check out the other restaurants in the area. We walked pass Tii cafe and saw that they offer noodles beside tea/drinks and decided to walk in.

The girl behind the cashier was friendly and helped us through the ordering process. We couldn't decide which snacks to order due to the long menu list they had. Believe me, it could be overwhelming. She told us the popular one which was the combo and we could pick three to try. Awesome !

So me and hubby got to try kimchi ramen with egg and minced pork noodle (dry). Those were combos and we got to pick either black or green tea as the beverage. For only $6.99 each, it was a good deal. Then for the snack combos, we tried salt pepper chicken, fried tofu and octopus ball. Yumm.

We like the kimchi ramen and minced pork noodle. The kimchi ramen was spicy enough for our taste and fragrant of garlic from the kimchi. The minced pork noodle was served with a bit pickled cucumber. It kinda reminded me of jajangmyun (the chinese influenced korean black bean noodle).

All in all, it was a good and very filling lunch. We even had to take a box to wrap up our left over snack. Good deal.

Tii Cafe
3005 Silver Creek Rd Ste 136 San Jose, CA 95121
(408) 223-2388