Friday, December 31, 2010

California Cafe - Los Gatos

A bunch of us from our office had dinner together the other night. Our destination California Cafe in Los Gatos. The menu online looked delicioso. Plan had been made since the week before. It was unfortunate that the weather that night was not on our side. It was wet and cold. I circled around the parking lot and couldn't find any spot. Argh..of course, when you most needed a spot closer to the restaurant on a stormy night and you couldn't find any.

Finally I made it in. We got a round table next to the kitchen. From where I sat I could see the big fire on their pizza oven. It's a very cozy feeling. I like the ambiance and I couldn't wait to try their food.

We agreed to share a few appetizers. Our first order was crab cake but was told that there was only one crab cake per order (of $8.75). Oops...not a good choice. So we stick with the jamaican spiced calamari and decided on the pizza instead.

It was quiet night at the restaurant so we got our orders pretty fast. The calamari was on a light batter and tossed together with alfalfa sprout, cashew nuts and some sweet spicy tangy dressing. Awesome. The pizza was also top notch. Thin crust, with mozzarella cheese, prosciutto, caramelized onion and arugula. Easily one of the best pizza I've ever had.

For entree I had green tea encrusted ahi tuna. Three pieces of tuna on a bed of greens (pea sprout?) with some sort of sauce. I also had a side of grilled broccolini that had wonderful smoky flavor but a bit too tough for my liking. The green tea they used was toasted tea leaves which was interesting. It gave a bit crunchiness to the outside of tuna and a bit hint of green tea when you bit on it. That was the second time I actually had tea leaves on any dishes ever since the tea leaf salad.

California Cafe is a nice place to have a quiet dinner with your loved one and friends. May not be family friendly especially with younger kids. In term of food, I liked most of the food I tried that night. But since it's on the pricey side I guess I won't be able to be back there soon enough.

California Cafe
50 University Ave Los Gatos, CA 95030   (408) 354-8300