Sunday, December 12, 2010

Khanh's Restaurant - San Jose

We were in Santana Row on one weekend and wanted something different than just mall food. We found Khanh's Restaurant on Yelp and it was just around the corner from Santana Row (on Winchester Ave).

Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted and quickly seated. The place was a lot bigger than what it seemed outside. Menu was huge with varieties of noodle soup, appetizers, rice plates and even some selections for kids. We selected combination rice noodle soup for hubby, tofu rolls and saigon crepe (banh xeo) for me.

Tofu rolls came out fast. Nothing too special about it. It's like a regular spring roll minus the prawn and pork. The dipping sauce was a bit too watery for my taste.

We were done with our rolls within minutes. The waiters were quick in removing our plates. That's a plus. But from then on, it seemed like our orders took a while to come out. I suspected my crepe was slowing down hubby's noodle soup order.

Finally our orders came out. My crepe looked delicioso with huge plate of greens on the side. Hubby's noodle soup looked a bit plain with only a bit sprinkle of green onion on top. I know he likes his soup with tons of condiments. Not like regular pho that usually comes with basil and bean sprout, this one only came with bean sprout and iceberg lettuce. He claimed that his broth wasn't rich enough.

I actually enjoyed my crepe though it was quite a lot of work. See, you're supposed to wrap the crepe on lettuce with some mints, basil, coriander or whatever herbs they provided you. Then you dip the wrap in the dipping sauce. But it was worthwhile.

All in all we enjoyed our meal. The service was excellent. I had a chance to use the restroom and it was very clean. We may go back if we happen to be in the area.

Khanh's Restaurant
335 South Winchester Boulevard San Jose, CA 95128-2036   (408) 241-4940