Saturday, December 4, 2010

Lulu is learning to knit

I had this desire to knit quite a while ago. Yeah..I know. Seriously, who knits these days ? I went to Michael's a couple of times to check out on starter kit. But it stopped right there. I wasn't too sure where to begin.

Then a couple of months ago, I had this little project - making a vest for my Halloween costume. All those visits to the fabric store, looking at those tiny, cuty, colorful crafts items just brought back my hidden desire. This time I decided to follow my call.

First stop the library. I searched on knitting and found a few books. Then based on a simple beginner's project I started my own first project. Now, knitting a simple scarf seemed a bit 'boring' for me. I'm ready to tackle more complicated projects eventhough I'm rather intimidated when I saw the pattern.

Btw, Youtube is a good source for beginners. The books I got had tons of pictures and projects but Youtube helped with stitches that's hard to understand on pictures.