Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mogo BBQ - around SF Bay Area

So I found out about this food truck by the name Mogo BBQ about a month ago. Finally a couple of nights ago had a chance to check it out.

We drove there and ordered spicy pork quesadilla and short ribs burrito to go. Within 10 minutes we got our order and went home to dissect it.

My first look at my quesadilla was like love at first sight. I love quesadilla and this one was just the one I was looking for. A bit browned on the tortilla and the smell was awesome. It had a drizzle of mixture of mayo (and cheese ?) on top of it. It was quite a healthy size for $7. I finished my first wedge and was eyeing my partner's burrito. My verdict : quesadilla was good but the spicy pork was a bit too much sodium for my liking. The quesadilla could use a little salad on the side.

The burrito looked compact but it sure got a lot of features. A good combination of rice, meat and veggies. It's, in my opinion, a balance meal. We could use one of those next time.

All in all was a good satisfying meal. We'll look forward to check out the other stuffs on their menu. Let's Mogo !