Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Main Street Burger - Los Gatos

On New Year's Day me and hubby went to visit an old friend in Los Gatos. They took us to this burger place within downtown Los Gatos which surprisingly open on New Year's Day.

The place had a feel of oldies burger with white tiles and counters. I looked around to find a juke box but didn't find any. There were bar style seating where patrons sit facing the kitchen. We took one of the high table seating with six chairs. The place was busy but not packed.

They served burgers made with organic beef from Niman Ranch. Our friend ordered  'little deal' from their menu which gave them their side street original and milk. Me and hubby ordered spicy grilled chicken and chipotle chicken with a large order of mix fries - garlic and regular fries. We also shared an order of sweet potato fries.

I was expecting more taste of like sandwiches where you could taste different ingredients in it. But my chipotle chicken didn't give that flavor. It's mostly tasted of the sweet chipotle sauce. Same with hubby's spicy grilled chicken that supposedly had guacamole in it. I couldn't taste the guacamole.

The highlight of the meal was the garlic fries and sweet potato fries. Garlic fries was crispy but not dried with the right hint of garlic flavor. Sweet potato fries was crispy with a bit dusting of flour before they were fried. Very special indeed. I haven't had any sweet potato fries before but had deep fried sweet potatoes in batter when I was growing up back in Indonesia. It brought back sweet memory.

I don't mind going back to try out their beef burgers which sounded yummy. And of course another try of their sweet potato fries. Yum..yum..

Main Street Burgers
20 S. Santa Cruz Avenue Los Gatos, California
(Corner of Main Street)
(408) 354-1881