Friday, January 14, 2011

My Knitting Addiction

When I first started I didn't know that I would get myself into this addiction called knitting. I started just for fun. Something to do on my spare time. Now it consumes my life. I just want to knit every minute. I do it while having my breakfast. I do it while checking my emails. I do it next to my hubby while we lay in bed. I do it while waiting for the traffic light to turn green. I wanted to do it while checking my reports at work but my boss gave me the WTF look so I put it away.

No more going to malls on weekends, no more watching Korean dramas. Or I once knitted and watched Korean drama at the same time and it caused me a hole on my knit so I stopped doing it.

Hubby told me to stop knitting and that I need help and that I should dial 1-800-KNIT-HELP ...just joking. I don't think the number even existed.

Free Ribby Socks Knitting Pattern
My second pair of socks. I also made one same exact one for hubby. Super easy to follow.
yarn : Patons Classic Wool - forest
needle size : US 7

Simple Beanie
yarn : Caron Country - taupe and silver service
needle size : US 7

Bunny Balloon Animal
yarn : Lion Brand Vanna's Choice
needle size : US 5