Sunday, January 23, 2011

Pho Hanoi - San Jose

This is the only place (correct me if I'm wrong) in San Jose area to serve Hanoi style pho which uses wide noodle and no bean sprout for the soup.

Their menu is pretty short compare to other pho restaurants. No seafood pho. I got a combo with everything but kitchen sink and hubby got the rare meat. We asked for bean sprout to go with our soup. I noticed the servers were all women that day. I wonder if it happened to be that day or it was purposely that way.

Our bean sprout came fresh not blanched though I saw a few tables got theirs blanched. On a cold day having the bean sprout half cooked speed up the process and help keep the broth warm at the same time. I like the fresh wide noodle they use here. The noodle was very tender but not mushy. If you don't like wide noodle you could always ask for regular thin noodle. Another thing which I found quite different from another pho restaurants. The rare meat here was actually tenderized before served. You can tell from the way it looked and also from the continuing hammering sound coming out of the kitchen. :)

Pho Hanoi
1759 East Capitol Expressway  San Jose, CA 95121  (408) 239-0888