Sunday, January 9, 2011

Pho Wagon - Sunnyvale

What do you do if you find a strand of hair in your bowl of noodle ? First option is to pretend that you don't see it. Second, call the waiter and ask for replacement and risk them 'tampering' with your replacement order. Third, order another one separately.

That's what when through my head when hubby experienced it at Pho Wagon this weekend. I was surprised though because as we sat down I noticed the place was clean and looked kinda new. The floor was tiled with nice earth color. Wall was decorated with paintings. It had a feel of cafe instead of pho joint. Furniture was dark cherry finished with nice comfortable chairs. We were even talking about bringing our nephews here due to the cleanliness.

So we chose option number two. The same lady that took our order came and asked if we had any questions. I told her the situation and she apologized and took hubby's bowl away. His order was replaced within minutes. The lady that brough the order also apologized.

Then we talked about the possibility of them offering it as complimentary. I didn't think that would be possible though considering the place. I would be happy enough if they offered a discount for maybe our next visit.

Neither happened.

That day I ordered pho ga (chicken pho). Hubby ordered seafood pho. Hubby's seafood pho was better than expected even though the price was a bit steep ($9 - one size only). But considering the place and location, we understand why the price was set. My chicken pho was ordinary. The chicken meat was all white breast meat which was good but of course tend to be on the dry side. We also shared goi cuon (spring roll) which had very thin skin that the prawn almost sticked out. We loved the spring roll though even though the dipping sauce was a bit runny.

All in all a disappointing experience. It would be a while if we ever went back. The last time we visited that establishment was when it was under the name Pho Blossom ( a couple of years ago). Another disappointing point was the fact that they charged for tea. I don't mind paying for tea if only the tea had more flavor. If you're going to charge for tea, at least present us with real tea instead of watered down no-jasmine-flavor tea.
Pho Wagon
1627 Hollenbeck Avenue Sunnyvale, CA 94087-5402 (408) 720-1566