Sunday, January 16, 2011

Valerio's Tropical Bake Shop - Milpitas

This location near the Seafood City Milpitas is rather new. I think it was just opened last year. The place looked clean and well stocked. All the pan de ube were bagged and stacked up nicely. Most of them still have a bit condensation because they were sealed too early while they were warm. We picked up one of those. And a stack of dessert in the cooling area caught my attention. Nilupak. On the packaging the ingredients listed cassava, sugar, and margarine. I picked up one of those. Total about $4. I better walk away before I got lured into trying other very interesting snacks.

Pan de ube is basically bread filled with sweetened mashed taro. Bring it home, warm it up in the oven and you can have it for snack or breakfast in the morning.

Nilupak. This one I got was made of ground up cassava, mixed with margarine and sugar. The topping swirling thing looked like string cheese but it tasted like margarine. According to my find, nilupak can also be made of sweet potato or saba banana.

Valerio's Tropical Bake Shop
1535 Landess Avenue Milpitas, CA 95035-8208 (408) 946-8877