Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Song Ngu Restaurant - Milpitas

Always in search of a new pho place - that's our motto. So last weekend me and hubby decided to check this place out. I happened to see Song Ngu Restaurant when we were in the area a couple of weeks ago.

It was a wet, cold Saturday afternoon. Way passed lunch time. There were around two tables with guests when we walked in. The place was bright, spacious and clean. I picked a table for two by the huge window. Well the location by the corner and also the glass covering made the place looked bright even though outside was gloomy and wet.

I chose #1 pho dac biet - rice noodle soup with everything and hubby chose seafood pho. For appetizer I opted for honey glazed chicken wings. Something different since we were so used to spring rolls.

While waiting, we were already brought our drinks. Actually as soon as we were seated, the guy already took our drinks order. The music on the background was different. Not just intrumental, but more like remix instrumental. Interesting for a pho restaurant. :)

The highlight of the day was the chicken wings. Crispy on the skin but not dry. The skin still had a bit fat left. Bad. I know. But sooo good. Wings were lightly marinated with a hint of garlic. Our pho were good. I like the broth and the meat balls. The meat balls had a bit tendon that gave it a bit chewiness. Yumm. The only thing that I didn't quite agree was the noodle they used. The noodle was slightly thinner than regular rice noodle. Because of that the noodle even though didn't look mushy but tasted a bit too tender/overly cooked.

Song Ngu Restaurant
1203 East Calaveras Boulevard, Milpitas, CA 95035 (408) 946-5747