Saturday, February 12, 2011

Steps of India - San Jose

This restaurant is very close to my office. I have seen their signage by the roadside more than a few times. But nobody in my office had the chance to give it a try yet. So one weekend, I took hubby here for lunch. It's time for testing it.

When we walked in there was only one table occupied. From the hubby's look, I knew he wanted to bolt. LOL. We try to avoid going to a new place when there was nobody in or very few patrons in. It's just not a good sign. But I was happy that we sticked around and gave it a try. As soon as we sat down, a few more groups came in. And before we knew it, the place was alive !

The restaurant itself was not very big. One corner next to register was used as buffet table. It was a shor L shaped buffet line. Mixed vegetable pakora, tandoori chicken, and chicken tikka masala were a few dishes I remembered we had that day. Everything were freshly made. The rice was not just plain rice, it was cooked in some sort of curry type - yellow with a few pieces of cauliflower and onion here and there. Very nice. The naan was brought to our table. And the only waiter there was quick to bring us a fresh plate when he noticed it was empty.

I ordered mango lassi which was like a yogurt drink. By then since it was busy already, our waiter forgot about it. When I finally asked about it, another man (perhaps the owner ?) apologized and brought it out within minutes and said it was on the house. It was a very pleasant surprise. I didn't feel like we deserved it so in return we tipped generously afterward.

This will be our new togo place for Indian fare when we crave it. It's close to home. Clean place, fresh and very good food.

Steps of India
2062 Curtner Ave  San Jose, CA 95124   (408) 369-1888