Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Athena - Korean drama

The long awaited Athena finally was out. Aired on SBS started end of December 2010 and came to the last episode in February 2011. I purposely waited until it was almost coming to an end before I started watching it. Can't wait so long for each episode to come out. It's just too much torture.

The first few episode were pretty slow. Not like Iris which was very intriguing since the first episode. But I waited patiently for the plot to develop. Yes, there was a lot of action in the beginning, but it was kinda confusing as to who was the bad guy and who was the good ones. I was lost there.

Then finally the main character came out, Lee Jung Woo, a special agent with the NTS (National Anti-Terror Service). On one of his survaillance, he met Yoon Hye In which later on he knew worked as a guide at NIS (National Intelligence Service). As viewers, we knew from the beginning that Hye In was not as innocence as Jung Woo thought she was. Then the story continued and we can guess that Jung Woo will fall for her and of course he did. And viewers can only swear and scream wanting Jung Woo not to like her. At least that's what I hope. ha..ha..Especially later on when another female character showed up, Han Jae Hee whom was Jung Woo previous lover. They had to break up because of Jae Hee's father.

But this drama is not just about their love triangle or love square when Son Hyuk also played a big role in it. Son Hyuk was the main bad guy in this drama. I wasn't too sure if he was ever in love with Hye In or was he mostly just care about her as a big brother. Anyhow, Son Hyuk and Hye In were just a few members of Athena, a secret terrorist organization with so many members around the world. Their target was to control energy source around the world.

Jung Woo Sung as Lee Jung Woo didn't leave quite a deep impression at first. He didn't have that bad boy look on him. He didn't look like he could kick ass. I started to give him a bit respect after he showed his ability to save the president's daughter (episode 3 or 4). Supposedly he injured his ankle during the filming because he jumped out of the glass window and got run over by the kidnapper's car. You can see where I'm coming right ? I love Lee Byung Hun in Iris. He was the perfect cast for that character.

Son Hyuk on the other hand was played well by Cha Seung Won. Seriously, without the moustache, he might as well play Jung Woo since he looked so innocence. ha..ha.. I actually felt pity towards him in the end because his love was so deep for Hye In. He still cared for her even though Hye In by then was pretty much on the other side.

All in all Athena was an interesting action drama. Though the ending could have been done better. It seems like the writer was rushed into ending it. I guess they're capped to making only 20 episodes. :)