Sunday, March 13, 2011

Bonchon Chicken - Sunnyvale

Last week, as we drove along El Camino in Sunnyvale, we spotted a sign on one of the strip mall. The sign said 'Bon Chon Chicken'. Hubby was like what's that. I recognized the name as one of the franchised Korean style fried chicken that made it into Korea Town in Los Angeles. We haven't had it yet in SF Bay Area and I've been wanting to try.

So we made time to drive back to the location. Checked out the menu outside before we walked in. Place was kinda dark because the outside light came only through the glass door. The rest of the front side store was brick wall. There were only like two tables occupied when we walked in. One girl came, greeted us and seated us. Then we sat down for like a good five minutes or more. There was not too many patrons around so I ruled out the possibility that they were busy. So finally hubby went to the counter to order. The guy there told him that he'll be taking our order at the table (which was said on the sign at the counter). He and also the girl that seated us earlier apologized for the mishap.

The menu was small. Pick the size platter for the chicken, choose the flavor (spicy or soy sauce), choose the side dish. For medium size platter, we get a free side dish. Large size platter will get two free side dish. Additional side dish can be ordered at extra cost. We got medium size platter combo (mixture of drums and wings) and mixture of spicy and soy sauce. For side dish we requested kimchee coleslaw. We also ordered a portion of sweet potato fries. Then I looked at the menu and thought hmm...scallion korean  pancake sounds yummy. I think we should get one of those.

Then our waiter brought our order, a big platter of chicken. I was too busy with my thoughts about the pancake but I noticed hm...that's quite a big platter. Guess what. The other girl came and told him that the plate wasn't for us. Bummer ! I was already drooling. So the guy took the plate away and brought it to the big table. He came back to us and apologized....again. We just laughed about it. But I was thinking it wasn't a busy day what caused all those mishaps. Imagine the place were packed. More people would be ignored and more orders sent to wrong tables.

Let's get to the food itself. Sweet potato fries were yummy. I'm a fan of sweet potato fries. They did it right. A bit dust of flour gave it the crunchy outside. The chicken were okay. Nothing too special. The spicy ones had a bit heat to them. But the soy sauce ones were just crunchy on the skin but inside were not too flavorful. According to the waiter, the LA area one had more spiciness on their chicken. Darn it ! Then I still have to go down there next time.

And don't even bother ordering the scallion pancake. It's so greasy. I don't know if they supposed to be like that. But the two different types of sauce they gave us didn't add flavor or make it better. Sorry.

Bon Chon Chicken
572 East El Camino Real Sunnyvale, CA 94087   (408) 720-8689