Saturday, March 5, 2011

Taverna Bistro - Sunnyvale

Finally get to use our groupon that I purchased like almost two months ago. We haven't been to downtown Sunnyvale for like ages. It resemblance Castro in Mt. View but a shorter form of it. When we were there yesterday, the weather was cold and wet. The street was deserted. The patio seatings were empty. We found Taverna Bistro and quickly stepped in, eager to hide from the cold wind.

The place was pretty empty. Just around three tables occupied. Quite surprising because it was lunch time but then looking at the weather I wouldn't be surprised if people decided to stay in. We picked a booth seating and sat down. The wall was decorated with stone paintings. It looked like paintings but we can clearly saw tiny cobbles that made it up. Interesting. During day time, the place already gave a cozy feelings. I'm sure it will be cozier at night when it's dark outside and the lights inside gives out warmth.

We shared a thin crust pizza-like appetizer called lamachun. It was soo good. Crispy with minced meat on top. For entree I chose chicken kebab with rice and steamed veggies. I love the rice, it's lightly salted and very fragrant. The chicken was all white breast meat so it was a bit dry. But I like it dry so no compain there. Hubby got the kobe beef burger. It came with a platter with french fries and salad. The patty looked thick and juicy. First bite into it, everything was good (because he was hungry) !! But then as the chewing continued, he declared that the satisfaction went down to 2.5 star (from 3 star). He said that the patty was made up of chewy meat (tendon ?) And the patty was dry.  I had a bite or two of his burger. I think it was okay. I wasn't much of a burger person.

It's most likely going to be our only visit to Taverna Bistro. The food wasn't to die for. Neither was the price. Hubby wasn't impressed so it would be hard to convince him to go back. But it was a good deal to be able to try it with groupon. Mind you, though they claimed to be organic Mediterranean cuisine, but not all the dishes were organic. Or at least they put down which was organic.

Taverna Bistro
133 S Murphy Ave Sunnyvale, CA 94086 (408) 735-9971