Monday, March 28, 2011

Thai Grata - San Jose

With the crazy stormy weather that went through San Jose the past weekend, I woke up Sunday morning hungry. I craved the smell and taste of fried noodle. Rice noodle is even better. I put my brain to work. What's around our neighborhood that didn't require driving like 20 miles in that kind of weather. Voila. There's this Thai restaurant that we haven't had the chance to try yet. Thai Grata. And I know that they do have fried rice noodle on their menu because I saw their menu before.

So I looked up their phone number and menu online. Waited until 12:30 to call to give them enough time to warm up their wok and get rid of the previous day's left over. A woman picked up the phone and I told her my order. One pad see euw (fried rice noodle with egg and broccoli with meat) and pad kee maw (fried rice noodle with bell pepper, tomato, and basil). The fried noodle can be served with different types of meat - chicken, pork, beef or calamari.

Fifteen minutes later I was already over there picking up my order. There was only one table occupied. I walked up, paid and left with my lunch. One guy came in when I walked out.

Both fried noodles were yummy. The pad see euw supposed to be hubby's order but he liked mine better. The same goes with me, I liked his order better. The pad kee maw had some sort of sweet sauce on it that made it a little bit damp. But the sauce also made it sweet, that's why I didn't like it as much. The pad see euw was more simple and closer to my taste bud.

All in all we were happy and full with our orders. We may not go back pretty soon unless there's another storm again. :) The price was a bit high - average $9.5 /order before tax.

Thai Grata
846 Blossom Hill Road San Jose, CA 95123 (408) 224-8600