Sunday, June 26, 2011

Banana Crepe - San Jose

I am not a dessert person so it's very seldom I find myself at a store that sells dessert only. This weekend we have a friend that came to visit so he had been looking up yelp to find out about shaved ice place in our area. That's how we came about Banana Crepe.

The location is at the corner of Jackson and 6th St in San Jose Japantown. Tiny place with only about four table that could fit around 12 people. They do have outside seating that could fit another two parties. That's it. There is a city marble bench nearby and also next door Nijiya's Market has a few seating outside. I guess most of their clients don't really need a table if they only order shave ice and it's hot outside. Just grab your shave ice and off you go on the street. In our case though it was different. We also ordered their signature double choco crepe. It was 60 degree outside. Ha..ha. A few spoons into the shave ice I started shivering. Anyhow if it's cool outside, try the inside seating. It's nice and warm and it smells so nice of crepes cooking in the air.

Okay. So when you walk in just go straight to the counter and order if there's not already a line in front of you. We got shaved ice with mango and lychee flavor with aduki beans (red beans) as topping. And then we got the double choco crepes.

I am kinda surprise that it took quite a while for the order to be ready. There were another two orders in front of us. But I guess they only have one crepes person ?

I would be able to enjoy more had it been a hot day like 80 degrees outside. But the crepes was good with chocolate ice cream and banana filling and also whipped cream oozing out of it. Swirl of chocolate syrup on top of it. It's not overly sweet and I don't mind going back for more. The shaved ice was nothing special. Our friend the one that was craving shave ice didn't quite like the shaved ice. He was looking for the shaved ice that was already flavored. Not plain ice and flavored with syrup. So he was disappointed.

Banana Crepe
248 Jackson St

San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 271-2644