Thursday, June 2, 2011

Dental insurance is a scam !

Me and hubby haven't had any dental insurance for going almost ten years now. Partly I remember that our last experience with one wasn't the best. Last December I had a toothache and I had to go find a dentist. It felt to me that my gum was swollen. I looked in the mirror and it seemed like there was something protruding out of my gum. I made my own diagnose that my wisdom tooth was finally coming out. So I made an appointment with a neighboring dentist and told them ahead of time that I was not covered with any insurance. They let me know the estimated fee before hand. I wasn't going in with no estimate at all. Never know, I might have to sell my car to pay for the bill.

So I went in and had my mouth looked at. What I thought was the source of pain was not even getting enough attention on. The dentist pointed the finger onto another tooth and had that one removed instead. The whole thing happened fast and before I knew it I had lost a tooth. With enough conviction from my dentist, I went and signed up for dental insurance for this year.

Here I am almost six month into the year finally using my dental insurance. I dragged my poor hubby to our first dental appointment of the year. The dentist listed a long list of 'work order' for us. Then the receptionist did her part trying to work us another appointment to get the 'work order' completed. On the top of my list was my bridge - it's due to be changed. Guess what's the cost ? About $1100 for one tooth, $250 for each post. Didn't seem to be a lot ? Unfortunately I have four teeth on my bridge. Beside that, my dentist also listed gum surgery for me. Hm..all this number kept dancing on my head when the receptionist trying to calculate our payments. I was busy thinking where am I going to get those money. It's going to cost around $700 for both of us to have deep cleaning for our teeth. Really ? Even after I already paid around $600 for my premium ?

The following day I called another dental office and straight away asked for cash price for deep cleaning. The price quoted was $400. Later on I was thinking to myself. Why do I even need or want an insurance. First I have to pay for the premium and then when I needed to use it guess what...?? I HAVE TO PAY MORE ! And for the expensive stuff that I needed done the limit was so low that I might as well don't have coverage.

In short : deep cleaning with insurance for both of us $1300. If we didn't have dental insurance : $800.

Now I remember why for so long we didn't have dental insurance.