Friday, June 10, 2011

Tints of Nature - hair color

I don't usually write review on beauty products. I thought I started on this one just in case someone out there looking to use this and was wondering about it.

Just to give you my hair background. I had grey hair for quite a while and ever since I was waaaay too young to have grey hair. It never quite bothered me since it was under my top layer of hair. It's covered up by my otherwise black hair. But I guess finally my age caught up with my grey hair (or the other way around ?). Anyhow, I started to notice more grey hair on where my hair split naturally. So I started coloring my hair. I have used Garnier Nutrisse for quite a while. I have tried permanent and also semi permanent hair color. Semi permanent ones supposedly wasn't as harsh on your hair as the permanent ones. The latest one I tried before this one was the foam one by Clairol Nice 'N Easy.

Enough said, I know and realized that my grey hair is going to be a very long term issue. And all this hair color couldn't be good for me if I use it long term. So I started looking around for something more natural. Well, I tried henna powder in the past. The color didn't quite work out for grey hair. It made my hair orange. I tried it with indigo mixed but the indigo couldn't stay long enough.

Finally I decided to try this. Bought it from my local Whole Foods store. It was on sale for $13.99 (originally $17.99). There were a few other brands but this one was on sale. I decided to give it a try.

One thing I noticed was the smell. The product did have peroxide but the smell wasn't very strong. It kinda smelt like wine so I gave it a plus points already. The other thing was my hair didn't smell of harsh chemical afterwards. That's another plus.

The box came with instructions, a pair of gloves, a bottle of colorant, activator, twin pack of shampoo and conditioner. I did a skin test prior just because I didn't know if there would be anything different than the regular hair color products.

Other than the shampoo, the rest worked like regular hair dye. So I colored my hair and waited like about 40 minutes because my grey hair usually takes very long time to absorb the color. Regular hair supposedly takes only 10-15 minutes. Then I rinsed my hair and shampoo. Yes, shampoo. That's kinda unique since usually other hair dye wouldn't give you any shampoo. After I rinsed out the shampoo then I applied the conditioner and let it sat for five minutes. Rinsed out and I'm done. My hair smelt wonderful without any chemical smell left. One thing I am curious is how long this color will last. Hopefully it could last at least a month.

----UPDATED June 29, 2011 -------
My hair color lasted about 3 weeks. The top of my head started showing greys again due to new growth. I would say that I was surprised to find out that this hair color actually lasted as long as the regular brand hair color that I have used in the past.

I'll definitely use it again in the future.