Sunday, July 24, 2011

Kosher meal from Singapore Airlines

Learning fom my previous experience flying with Singapore Airlines, I decided to order a special meals this time. If you're picking the special meals for either religious or dietary reason, it would be a lot easier to decide. But for me it was a bit harder since I was doing it for no other reason other than trying it out. So I finally decided on kosher meals. Mind you, the special meals options will stay with you for the whole trip (either outbound or inbound). I was going to apply the special meals for only the SFO-HK leg but nope..I ended up having it all the way to Jakarta.

I was too sleepy when the flight attendant brought me the sealed pack of my supper. I didn't quite comprehend what he was telling me. Later on the next meal, a different flight attendant again brought me a sealed pack and asked me to break it open. It was way early in the flight to serve meal. But turned out that he only wanted me to break open the seal myself so he could warm it up later on.

From SFO-HK, the meal I received was quinoa with bolognese sauce. The next leg was breakfast before landing in Hong Kong and I was served omelet. From Hong Kong to Singapore another omelet again. All in all the food was better than expected. The bread and pastries were not as airy maybe due to different yeast used.