Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ringer Hut - San Jose

Settling on busy Saratoga Rd, this establishment looks just like any other diner. In fact if we weren't greeted in Japanese it could be easily another diner. I guess the restaurant took over like a Denny's before. ha..ha..But it featured an open kitchen and bar seatings. That kinda set it apart.

Menu were brought to us as soon as we were seated. Beside their specialty, champon, menu also has ramen and bento box. I chose gomoku ramen. Hubby chose champon with gyoza and our guest chose spicy champon with gyoza combo.

Ringer Hut is a Japanese fast food chain restaurant that specializes in Nagasaki champon and Sara udon. That's why between the three of us, there were two champon orders. I had champon before and I wasn't too keen on it that's why I decided to try gomoku ramen. A new name that I've never had before.

My gomoku ramen was thick to begin with. It seemed to me that the veggies and meat were stir fry first and thickened with cornstarch before topped on the ramen. After I stirred and mixed the ramen it seemed to be less thick. The ramen broth didn't seem to be strong and tasted more diluted. The spicy champon looked good with the fiery red broth but our guest that day didn't say much about it so I guess it was also a disappointment for him. He had mentioned of looking forward to try good ramen place in San Jose on this visit. But champon seemed to change his mind. I guess in the future, he'll stick to ramen.

The gyozas were good. Me and hubby mixed our own concoction of gyoza sauce with a little vinegar. The gyoza skin was crispy on one side yet still moist on the inside and not chewy at all. Perfect.

So far I haven't found any champon that suits my taste. Maybe champon was meant to taste that way. For now I just stick to ramen. Sorry champon.

Ringer Hut
1072 Saratoga Avenue

San Jose, CA 95129-3401
(408) 554-0877