Saturday, August 20, 2011

Knitting little elephant and little giraffe

Last minute I found out that my nephew wanted safari animals for his birthday. I started looking on the internet for the pattern. Voila, I found this website where I found just the perfect pattern for my project.

The little elephant may look big in picture but it's only around 5 inches (12.5 cm) from trunk to bum (to borrow Christine's measurement) and 5.25 inches (13.5 cm) from ear to ear. While Christine knitted hers with US 6 double pointed needles I did mine with US 7. It's still tight enough to stuff with the filling.

The best of all, if you're tight on schedule, you can get this done within days. I got the little elephant done within two days and in between I still had to get my daily stuffs done. So I didn't really spent 48 hours, it's more like maybe 5-6 hours. And I didn't knit that fast either.

As soon as I found out that I still had time, I quickly started the second project from the same creator, Christine Landry. The little giraffe.

This second project seemed a bit slower at first because I never get used to knitting with more than one color. Beside I also have to follow the pattern provided. But after I got my first leg done, the rest seemed a lot easier.

All in all, the instruction was easy to follow. I only came to a halt understanding the last part of the little giraffe instruction about shaping the ear. It was just the night before my due date and I was almost upset that I didn't understand the instruction. But I thought I just gave it a try as it read on the instruction and it came out better than I expected. :)