Monday, August 8, 2011

Ramayana Resort & Spa - Bali, Indonesia

I've been wanting to check this hotel out. Last year we passed by this hotel and I told hubby next time we should give it a try. Then when I found out that we'll have a few days in Bali, I went and checked out the price. Wow..not cheap for our budget. But it's hard to get a room even for one night. I'm not sure if it's just Agoda or it's high season.

We got our air tickets from Mutiara Travel in Jakarta so I figured that they could also arranged me a hotel. But the only rooms they have are for Kuta Beach. They were sold out for Ramayana and I asked for Hard Rock they said they'd get back to me on that. Later on they told me they couldn't find any room at Hard Rock. I guess each travel agency has an amount of rooms that they can sell. Or maybe they bought a bunch of rooms from popular hotel and resell them.

Anyhow, by then since I have purchased the air tickets, I asked hubby to look again at Agoda to find a room at Ramayana. He couldn't get three nights. But he could get one night. At one point, that one night 'disappeared'. I was so mad at him. I went back and tried it again and it showed up again magically. We quickly purchased it. I wasn't sure what's going on. Maybe somebody back out of the reservation ? He offered to look up another room for different night. But I really wanted to get the reservation done. So in the end I called Mutiara Travel back and bought two nights at Kuta Beach Club instead.

From the decor and condition of hotel, Ramayana is definitely newer than Kuta Beach Club. The hotel has two restaurants; one by the road side which is also used for serving breakfast and the other one next to the pool. We didn't have chance to try any of the restaurants. Our purchase through Agoda didn't come with free breakfast. Nor did we have any chance to hang out by the pool since we were there only one night.

Our room was nice with a small bench that's nice for sitting down looking for inspiration. ha..ha.. The bathroom was not very big but clean. Drainage worked well which was important. Too bad we only had one night available there. But next time we'll be back if there's a good deal from Agoda.

Ramayana Resort & Spa
Jalan Bakung Sari, Kuta-Bali, Indonesia
Ph 62 361 751864