Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Changi Terminal 3 Kopitiam - Changi Airport, Singapore

If you're flying out from Terminal 3 Changi in Singapore, come earlier and check out their food court. It's located on the basement 2. Your last chance for the local fares before you leave the country !

That's where we headed the day we flew out from Singapore. The basement 2 area was still not totally done yet. You can tell that certain area was still being renovated. Some stores were not opened yet. When it's all ready it's going to be another shopping area just like the inside terminal of Changi as well.

The food court there was run by Kopi Tiam food court chain. They offered quite a varieties of local fares like Char Kway Teow, Indian cuisine, Japanese cuisine, Malay cuisine, dessert etc. It's not your typical California food court that consist of McD, BK, A&W. Most of the stalls here are mom & pop business with their own family recipes. :)

I ordered yong tofu. I picked my choices of veggies, tofu, wonton, etc. Tell the lady behind the counter why type of soup and what type of noodles. Whoa..I didn't realize that since they charged 60c on noodle, they gave me a whole bunch. That bowl of yong tofu was probably the biggest bowl I've ever had during my Asia trip this time. But it took care of my tummy for the whole trip back to SF. I skipped most of my meals back. :) Btw, if you like it spicy, choose the Thai tom yum broth for your yong tofu. Slurp...yummy.

Hubby chose roti prata from the Indian cuisine stall, chicken rice and topped it all with char kway teow. My friend chose rice with 3 dishes from the cook dish stall. Well..well, if you think we had so much. Think again. That was our last day of our trip so we celebrated by getting 2 types of dessert - bobo cha cha  and another colorful dessert which I forgot the name. But they both filled the spot and also our tummies all the way back to San Jose.