Friday, September 9, 2011

Kome Sushi Buffet - Daly City

After thinking about it for quite a few months we finally got to try this buffet in Daly City named Kome Sushi Buffet. A couple of years ago we went there when it was still under Todai management. Food varities were good then. It was one of the buffets that left us quite an impression that we still remembered till now. We were deeply saddened when we found out that it had closed down.

We arrived on a Saturday afternoon. Best time for buffet would be when it was busiest. Food should be most fresh then with the high turn over. But we were also worried that it would take a while to get in. I guessed we got there in time and beat everybody else. It's only the two of us so we didn't have a lot of problem getting a table especially since we 'promised' that we would finish our meal in one hour. Yup. I guess the seating area was reserved for a party that would start around 1 pm.

They do provide a huge varieties of food. We started with sushi. Tons of different types of roll and nigiri. We only managed to pick up one piece for each type and even then it seemed a bit overwhelming. Definitely a place for sushi lovers.

They offered a few types of soups. Hot and sour soup and chicken ginseng soup seemed to be very popular. Another ones would be seafood soup that looked like egg dropped soup. Then of course juk (rice porridge) which unfortunately I didn't get to try.

First round of hot dishes. Singapore style rice noodle stick, hor fun with beef, manila clam with black bean sauce and sticky pork ribs. Those were all yummy. Especially the ribs - a must try. The ribs were deep fried first then threw in this sweet sticky sauce that covered it all up.

And then I went and picked up a wonton soup with egg noodle. I already planned this out. I dropped of my bowl of noodle with hubby and then went and lined up for the char siu because the line was sooo long. But the char siu was worth the wait. It was freshly cut and not dried at all. All the other patrons were hitting the soy sauce chicken which I also tried but didn't think there was any special at all. The chicken wings were also freshly fried but were a bit too salty for our taste buds.

By the time all those went inside my tummy I was about to call it a day. But hubby reminded me to check out the dessert corner. I dropped by and picked up a few mousse and cake with mousse. They were seriously pretty but tasted almost the same except for the color and artificial flavor used.

We finished just a couple of minutes before the time we were supposed to leave. Wow..I didn't think that we would have stayed that long. All in all it's worth $14.95/person. A lot of varieties of food and some with good qualities too. I think their strength is the sushi and barbecue (charsiu, bbq pork, chicken, etc). They didn't offer as much seafood as other buffet eg. Tomi Sushi.

Kome Sushi Buffet
1901 Junipero Serra Blvd, #A , Daly City, CA 94104
(650) 992-8600