Monday, September 5, 2011

Makan Time in Singapore

We always enjoy a stop over in Singapore wherever we are in Asia. Singapore is a like a heaven of good food. This time around we met up with a friend at Fullerton One.

Char Kwe Tiau (fried wide rice noodle)
Fullerton One is a place overlooking the Marina Bay and of course the new Marina Bay Sands Hotel that was just opened this year. There were quite a few restaurants at Fullerton One. I'm not too sure the quality of the food there. I think it's more like a place to see and be seen. Awesome view by sunset and slight cool breeze to lighten the heavy humid Singapore weather.
Hokkian mee (Hokkian style noodle)
But when it comes to food in Singapore, I would rather go to food court or Kopitiam which usually gives you mom and pop businesses that some of them has been established since you know when. Most of them just specialize in just a few dishes that they're best at. So just go to the stall that offers the dish you want and order there.
Ohr luak (Singapore style oyster omelet)
So when our friend Rachel offered to buy us dinner at Fullerton One, I told her that we don't really have to go to a fancy place. But in the end we agreed to meet up there. All this time I've heard that there are some good food by Esplanade which is just a stone throw away (but you better be an Olympian to do that). So we walked to Esplanade which also has a bunch of restaurants. Since we couldn't decide yet so we walked around and to our surprise just at the other end of Esplanade we found like an outdoor style food court. There were only around eight stalls and a bunch of tables and chairs some under a huge canopy and the rest open air seatings. The name of the food court was Makan Sutra Gluttons Bay.

We checked out all the stalls before deciding on char kwe tiau (fried wide rice noodle), hokkian noodle, Singapore style satay and Singapore style oyster omelet (ohr luak). I would say those dishes are quite a must to try when you visit Singapore. The char kwe tiau that night was easily the best I've ever had. I'm not usually to crazy about char kwe tiau but that one was really...really good. Not too oily and all the sweet and saltiness were blended well. I wasn't surprised because the line to order was soo long. And it's a self serve style so you ordered and waited until the uncles were done with your order before they moved on to the next patron.
Satay & Gado-gado w/ satay
The Singapore style satay were delish as well. The peanut sauce was more on the sweet side and oilier than the Indonesian style one. The satay was served with chunk of rice cake. And we also got to try some gado-gado that was served with satay. Interesting.

If seafood doesn't cause allergic reaction to you then by any means you should try the oyster omelet. Singapore is the only place I've ever tried an oyster omelet before. It's really eggs with a bit flour mixture and oyster pan fried into a thin omelet.
Ice chendol (red beans, chendol - green 'worm-like' rice dessert)
Ice kachang (red beans -buried down by tons of shaved ice & syrup)
As if those dishes haven't caused our tummy to waive the white flag. Rachel and my hubby were all ready for a round of dessert. So we went to get a bowl of ice cendol and another bowl of ice kachang. The ice cendol is basically this green 'worm looking' rice dessert that's mixed with coconut sugar, coconut milk and shaved ice. While the ice kachang is red bean covered with shaved ice and different types of syrup. I honestly couldn't enjoy the dessert that much because my tummy has sent out an emergency signal to my brain threatening all my senses to shut down.