Sunday, September 11, 2011

Yo Pho - Milpitas

This establishment is still pretty new. I guess it's only a couple months new. And we finally got to give it a try. When we walked in nobody greeted us. I was wondering whether we should just take a seat ourselves. But finally one waitress walked us to a table.

After we ordered I looked around the shop. It's nicely decorated with cheerful bright color - orange and hot pink wall. They had some booth seatings but only a handful. The place is not very spacious and due to it serving frozen yogurt also so part of the wall was reserved for dispensing frozen yogurt. Some tables seemed a bit out of place due to that. But I like the fact that this restaurant is trying to give it a cafe feel instead of plain 'ol pho place.

Okay. So we ordered seafood pho, egg roll (cha gio), pho with chopped beef and a dessert drink that was made of pandan and green bean. Considering that they seemed a bit disorganized when we walked in, the service was actually pretty fast. We got our order within like ten minutes. The egg roll was served later after we got our noodle soup. But that was understandable because it does take time to freshly prepared the egg roll. And our egg roll was hot which I totally appreciated. I hate places that served egg roll warmed by microwave.

My seafood pho had a few large pieces of squid, one huge prawn, one crab leg and one piece of fish cake (?).  The broth had a unique taste of ginger which I should say was the first time I ever tasted quite distinctly on a seafood pho broth. And it still comes with enough greens floating on my bowl despite their intention of trying to be cafe like. Improving the ambience without sacrificing the taste. Awesome.

Hubby's chopped beef pho was also good. Enough beef to flavor the broth. Though they couldn't provide him with wide noodle for his pho so he was rather disappointed. But the beef was tender and the broth was rich.

The dessert drink was a rather thin smoothy-mixture-like of pandan water and green bean. I loved it. The flavor of green bean and the fragrant of pandan leaves was an excellent combo. Hubby didn't quite like it as much due to the gritty taste of green beans. But it's a very unique drink. Give it a try.

It's a nice place to have pho but not the best value for your buck.

Yo Pho
242 Serra Way Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 935-8285