Saturday, October 1, 2011

Athena Grill - Santa Clara

Tucked in the neighborhood of warehouses and offices just off Hwy 101 is this Greek restaurant called Athena Grill. We happened to be in the area and decided to swing by. To my surprise even though it was weekend the place was pretty busy considering the location.

We went straight to the counter and ordered. A seafood souvlaki for me and gyro plate for hubby. The gyro plate comes with fries but we were given option to change it to fruits. And we also got this Greek sour cherry drink that comes in a small bottle.

We chose an outdoor round table under the awning. A waitress brought us a plate of bread with some dip which I think was called melitzanosalata. The dip was olive oil based with roasted eggplant, roasted red pepper, lemon and either parsley or green onion. The taste was mild.

My seafood souvlaki came with a skewer of prawn, sword fish and scallop. I was a bit disappointed. I thought the seafood would be a lot more. But it was fresh and well seasoned - a bit too salty for my taste actually. The rice was also seasoned and the platter came with some stewed pumpkin, long bean and zucchini along with the salad. It's a mixture of different taste and texture. Sweetness of the seafood, saltiness of the olive, tenderness of the pumpkin and crunchiness of the lettuce.

Hubby's gyro plate came with a huge pile of fries. The fries was served with some sort of mayo mixed dip. His gyro was huge with slices of beef and chunks of tomatoes. It was almost difficult to fit that big pack in my mouth when I gave it a try. The beef was well seasoned and juicy. The first few bites of fries with the dip tasted wonderful. It's a change from eating fries with ketchup. But in the end we couldn't finish the fries. Maybe we could have been better choosing the fruits as the side. ha..ha..

Athena Grill
1505 Space Park Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054 (408) 567-9144