Sunday, October 16, 2011

Bonjour Crepes Company - Cupertino

Purchased groupon for this establishment a month ago and only recently had a chance to redeem it. One thing learnt from using groupon was not to redeem it too early when everybody else are also redeeming it. From Yelp reviews on Bonjour, it seemed that the restaurant was not ready to have so many patrons coming due to the groupons they had. It's sad that groupon which supposed to help them get more business turned out to backfire instead.

But I think the restaurant itself was not set up efficiently. We were there during lunch time and when we walked in a guy behind the registers handed us the menu and told us to take a table to slowly decide what to get. But a few tables that were not taken were all still dirty. So we decided to just sit at a bench by the register area.

We presented our printed groupon and started ordering. One crepe with chicken, mozzarella, avocado, basil pesto and one southwestern chicken with salsa and sour cream crepe. Those crepes will come with french fries. For drinks we wanted cappucino but were told that for the groupon deals, the drinks will only include soft drinks, orange juice, orangina, etc. Fine, so we settled with orange juice. The groupon also gave us each a scoop of ice but we could order them later. The bill came up to $38 some change and we had to pay for the sales tax for that amount. We were given a number and sent our way to grab a table.

Our orange juice came out fast. We never ordered any orange juice in a restaurant before but boy the OJ here came in 3/4 full cup. Not the best deal in town. The crepes came out like ten minutes later. Mine was good though the crepe tasted a bit too sweet so it didn't quite go with the savory theme. Hubby didn't like his gooey filling crepe. My chicken crepe combined with basil pesto and mozzarella was good but didn't last that long. Soon it felt to be too heavy. I think crepes would go better with fruits and creme and not so much with savory filling.

With a combination of french fries and the crepes we were so full that we didn't go back for the scoops of ice cream.

We are not going back there again. It's not a good value for your money. The savory crepes didn't suit our palette. It's a good experience to try savory crepes but in our opinion, crepes should stay with the sweet theme. I'm not sure if they are the only one that venture on savory crepes or is there other place out there that also do savory crepes. I would like to find out.

Bonjour Crepes and Sandwiches
20371 Stevens Creek, Cupertino, CA  (408)973-8553