Monday, October 10, 2011

Sa By Thai - San Jose Downtown

This restaurant is located on William St in downtown San Jose just a few blocks away from San Jose State University. That afternoon when we walked in there were only two tables occupied. But I think they are busier with patrons that do take out than eat-ins.

The place inside is spacier than what it looks outside. The decor was simple. Some tables on one side and a few booths seatings on the other side.

The menu was nice though and seemed pretty intensive. Noodle soup,  soup, curry, etc. I chose seafood tom yum noodle soup and hubby chose spicy rad na (stir fry rice noodle with gravy).

Our orders came out in like ten minutes. While waiting, I was entertained by their flat screen TV that serves like a picture menus going through so many mouth-watering dishes. Spicy chicken with eggplant, seafood salad, panang salmon were just among a few that caught my attention.

My noodle soup featured spicy sweet sour broth with rice noodle, prawns, squid, imitation crab and fish ball. The spiciness was perfect but it was a bit sweeter than I expected. Other than that, everything else was perfect to my liking.

Hubby's rad na came with chicken. First impression looked yummy. But after he started eating it, the noodle seemed not fried. Rad na supposed to be wok fried first and then has the gravy served on top of it. But the noodle didn't have the typical smoky wok fried smell to it. It's quite a disappointment because it looked so good. Also, even though the plate looked big but the noodle used was actually not that much compared to the veggies (broccoli, carrot, bamboo shoot, etc).

All in all the food was okay since our expectation was a bit high so we were a bit disappointed. I guess our quest continues to find place that serves good Thai style noodles in the South Bay area.

Sa-By Thai
346 East William Street San Jose, CA 95112
(408) 286-5807