Thursday, November 17, 2011

Golden House Seafood Restaurant - Vancouver, Canada

This small restaurant at the corner of 49th Ave and Fraser St didn't look like a busy place. But when we went there last week, there were like two tables of big group and another table of smaller group. The similarity of them all are their range of age. It seemed like everyone in the room had an average age of at least 60 years young.

The relatives that brought us there claimed that they served the pork feet with ginger and black vinegar. It is supposedly a dish good for healthy joints. I had a similar dish before at my sis-in-law's house so I was curious about this one.

We were seated quickly and given a paper menu. Simple menu with both Chinese characters and English translation. I noticed typical dim sum items like shu mai and spare ribs. My relatives mentioned a few items that are must try and I checked them on the menu. Some items that I couldn't find, she just told the waitress when she came over and the waitress jotted them on the menu for us.

Service was a bit slow since there's only one waitress serving five tables. She also handled cashier as well. I suspect they only started steaming the dim sum items when an order was placed.

Our first order looked like egg rolls. Upon biting on it, the inside was actually chopped shrimp with mayo. Interesting and yummy too. Just be careful eating it since it's so hot. We also shared an order of the legendary pork feet with ginger and black vinegar. Unlike the one I had before, this one was strong of rice wine. A bit over powering for me and almost too strong. I like the pork feet since it was tender and sweet but I could use less of the alcohol taste.

Another dish worth mentioning was the fried eggplant with ground shrimp. Greasy but yummy served on some sort of black bean sauce.

All we had seven dishes and the total bill was $36 (for four people) before tips. That's a very good value. I would definitely go back again when I have a chance.

Golden House Seafood Restaurant
6520 Fraser Street Vancouver, BC, Canada (604) 321-3866