Saturday, November 5, 2011

Sushi Kuni - Cupertino

This tiny Japanese restaurant had been around for at least ten years. It’s been a while since we’ve been there. They’re pretty authentic and pricey. We think it's pretty authentic since you could always find a bunch of Japanese businessmen being entertained there.

That’s where we took our guests there last weekend. We got a reservation for 7:15 even though it said on Yelp that they don’t take reservation. I don’t know what happened or whether we were just lucky. So we waited around ten minutes and were whisked into their tatami room. It’s a small but cozy room towards the back of the restaurant. I was a bit worry that I would have to keep my legs crossed the whole time I sat down. Turned out that this tatami seating was ‘westernized’. It had area where we could stick our legs underneath the table. *phew*

We were brought menus. But they have ‘extended’ menu that is usually reserved for Japanese who asked for more homely items that are not usually served at Japanese restaurants. For example I found onigiri which is rice ball with ume (pickled daikon). From the regular menu, we got Chirase (deluxe) which is a bowl with seasoned rice underneath and topped of with slices of yummy sashimi. We saw one of the table got this and we questioned the waiter about it. We also ordered the typical California roll and spicy tuna roll. Agedashi tofu (deep fried tofu) and grilled octopus were the other items we ordered from the regular menu. Those were all yummy especially the octopus. And then we ordered sliced tuna with shredded taro. This dish turned out to be pretty slimy and bland. It’s probably the only one we agreed that it didn’t quite work out for us that night.

After sweeping all those down which wasn’t that much anyway. We looked at the menu again and this time we got the omakase (chef’s special) for sashimi. It’s a platter of different types of fish. Since we already got the special Amber Jack sashimi which was the special of the day. We were given option if we wanted that on our platter again.

After fifteen minutes the sashimi platter arrived. Very pretty with the fish skeleton arranged on one side. This platter of sashimi was as good as the special of the day. The fish were very fresh and soft. Then our waitress came back to collect our plate with the fish skeleton and asked us if wanted the fish skeleton deep fried. Well, of course. It took about fifteen minutes and then it was brought back to us all nice and crispy with a slice of lemon and some salt on the side. We pretty much ate that whole Spanish mackerel all the way to the head. What a deal !

After all those, we still had room for dessert. We shared an order of green tea crème brulee. This one was also a winner. It’s not very sweet and it had a hint of green tea on it. The top was a bit crunchy from the caramelized sugar. Yum..yum..

Sushi Kuni
10211 S De Anza Blvd · Cupertino, CA 95014 · (408) 257-5864