Sunday, December 4, 2011

Patxi's - Campbell

Found out about this pizza place from a co-worker at work. Me and hubby love Chicago Pizza and their deep dish style pizza. But since they only have two locations and none close to home so it's only once in a blue moon that we go out of the way to get the pizza.

Patxy's is located at the Pruneyard shopping center. The parking there could be tricky during weekends and especially closer to holiday now. Get ready to fight with those shoppers that go to Marshalls or Trader Joe's.

We called in the order ahead of time and ordered our pizza and just stopped by to pick it up. It was a nice day so we had packed our drinks and planned on having pizza picnic in the park. The order took about 35 minutes to be ready. By the time we got there the pizza was all ready to be devoured.

I didn't pay attention but hubby did make a point that there were almost more employees working than the guests. We were greeted at the door and then pointed to the cashier. A girl at the cashier area asked for my name and went to pick up the order. I handed her the cash but she pointed me to another man who walk over to take my cash and rang me up. Very confusing. We were out pretty quick but then again another guy that looked like waiter said good bye to us on the way out. Wow..

Let's get to the pizza. It was a spicy bacon cheeseburger on Chicago style deep dish pizza. When I opened the box the only thing that caught my attention was the amount of tomato sauce on the pizza. It was all covered up with sauce and the jalapeno was scattered on top of it. The crust didn't taste like bread. It was more like pie ! And as we bit into it, we could taste the bacon and the mince meat in it.

It's different from Pizza Chicago that we tried before even though both claimed to be Chicago style pizza. And I can't say that I like this one better. The amount of tomato sauce kinda of make the pizza taste like tomato pie. It's just not proportional with the toppings and crust.

1875 South Bascom Ave, Suite 405

The Pruneyard Shopping Center
(408) 559-0700