Monday, January 9, 2012

Pacific Catch - San Francisco

Ever since our office dinner last time at Pacific Catch, I know that I'd be back one day. And the chance came last weekend. We planned to go to the Campbell location but I remember that they have a few San Francisco locations. And it turned out that one of them was around the corner from Golden Gate Park. What a coincidence.

We had a late lunch there around 3 pm. The place didn't look big from outside but when we were finally seated I looked around and it's a lot bigger inside than it seemed.

Pacific Ceviche Trio
Their crab feast was still on so I got the crab melt and hubby got the trio appetizer. He let me chose for him which I did since I was sure he'd like the Pacific Ceviche trio. The trio appetizer consisted of Baja shrimp ceviche, Hawaiian poke and Peruvian ceviche. They were served on different chips - tortilla chips, potato chips and strip of wonton chips. They gave different taste and also texture when dipped into the ceviche. Of all those three, the least favorable was the Hawaiian poke. For some reason it was too salty for our taste buds. I could imagine it would taste way better served on a bowl of rice.

Crab melt
My crab melt was made of ciabatta bread, gruyere cheese, chopped celery with mayo and of course crab meat. Yum.. It was served with pickled cauliflower with one choice of sides. Pick from regular fries, spicy fries, sweet potato fries or salad. I chose salad as my side since I imagine the crab melt would be all crispy. I need something cool to go better with the crab melt.

Pacific Catch
1200 9th Ave, San Francisco
(415) 504-6905