Sunday, February 26, 2012

Saturday activities : river clean up

About a few weeks ago, I happened to hear that there's a river clean up event this Saturday. So we went ahead and signed ourselves up. There was no confirmation whatsoever. I was thinking of giving them a call since the H day was getting closer. But finally an email came with directions how to get there and what to expect.

We met in front of the Guadalupe River Visitor and Education Center on Coleman Ave in San Jose. Packs of gloves, sanitizer, trash bags and pick stick were waiting to be utilized. After a short briefing we were all dispersed to the trail which was next to the Guadalupe River. Most of us were just going around looking for a spot to clean. The trail and surrounding was well maintained. But between the trail and the river there was a thick wooded area so it's hard to even see whether the river was from the trail. Both me and hubby worked around it and finally found a trail to go behind the wooded area. From there we could finally reached the river bank.
Plastic bags and other debris stuck to the trees by the river bank
Guadalupe river - not exactly pristine

Some of the interesting trash we picked up were roller blade, shoes and some clothing that apparently were left behind by transients living behind the bushes. Most common trash we found were plastic cups, styrofoam packaging and different size of plastic bottles.
One of the clean up crew with a bag full of trash

We stayed until almost 3 pm and went back to the center to drop off our tools and gloves. In return we received a Chinook (coupon) Book.