Sunday, February 19, 2012

SGD Tofu House - San Jose

This restaurant took over the RIP New Kang Nam restaurant that closed down about 1.5 years ago. Hubby was so excited about it when he found out that the spot was finally taken over by another Korean restaurant. So we picked a day to go and check it out. The auspicious day was Valentine's Day.

We went early to beat everybody but there were already at least five tables occupied when we arrived. It's only after six pm. Don't these people need to work or what ?

We were seated and given a small menu. Not just physically small, the menu was mostly consisted of soft tofu stew (soon do bu) with different varieties of combination (eg beef, seafood, kimchee, etc). They offered a few appetizers like seafood pancake (haemul pajeon), spicy rice cake (tteok bok ki with squid), steam pork and oyster with spicy vegetables. We settled with a seafood tofu stew and a bbq spicy pork.
banchan (side dishes)

While waiting for the banchan to be served which took a while I noticed the same song was played three times within fifteen minutes. Was the CD skipped and replayed it again or maybe the person that burnt the CD loved the song so much and decided to put it every other songs...ha..ha..
spicy bbq pork

We felt that the service was a bit slow and at the time it wasn't very busy. And I guess it wasn't us that felt that way because I noticed another patron asking for the banchan to be served as well. They came in after us. And as we were eating our dinner the few earlier tables were already done and left but the tables weren't cleared. So when more guests came they had to wait for those tables to be cleaned first.

The banchan were typical napa cabbage kimchee, soy bean sprout, fish cake, stir fry vermicelli (japchae) and pickled seaweed. Nothing too special about the banchan. I noticed some of them were pretty bland.

The soft tofu stew was very flavorful and packed with tons of seafood. The bbq spicy pork was abundant but not sizzling enough. I wasn't sure if they were too busy to heat up the iron plate hot enough to make it sizzle but it seemed like the plate wasn't even hot and the pork was just piled high on it.

Well, all in all it wasn't all satisfactory on every aspects. This restaurant is close to home so we'll be back again. Hopefully they'll be more efficient in the future.

SGD Tofu House
832 Blossom Hill Rd, San Jose, CA 95123  
Ph (408) 227-8583