Sunday, March 11, 2012

Hunting for donuts : Stan's Donut Shop - Santa Clara

Woke up on Saturday morning and craved donuts. That's what happened to us yesterday. But we craved not just any donuts. A few weeks ago I heard on KLIV when they featured this donut shop in Santa Clara that supposedly has been in business since 1950s.

We got ready with a thermos of hot water and our mug with green tea bag and off we went on our journey. It was said on Yelp to be there early to ensure your shares of donuts before they sold out. We got there around 8:30 but we could see people coming out with box of donuts. We walked in and checked out the menu before we settled with the glazed donuts (most popular), cinnamon, maple bar and jelly donut. The lady behind the counter told us that the glazed donuts won't be ready until another twenty minutes. We decided to wait since we drove twenty minutes to get there anyway. Then I noticed another guy behind the counter working on piles of dough; rolling and cutting it with a donut shaper.

When we finally got our shares in the donut box. We got our green tea ready and each of us dug in. The glazed ones were piping hot and smelled wonderful. That's the first time I ever tasted donuts so fresh. I guess that's the difference. The jelly and maple bar were so so only since they were not as fresh. The cinnamon one was pretty good even though it wasn't hot anymore.

Stan's Donut Shop
2628 Homestead Road  Santa Clara, CA 95051
(408) 296-5982