Sunday, March 4, 2012

Indo Cafe - Saratoga

We have a habit of eating out on weekends. Being a foodie, we try to utilize every chance to check out new place. So this weekend I started by looking at Yelp. It just happened that I found out about Indo Cafe in Saratoga. And it also happened that this place serves Indonesian cuisine.

It was a good thing that one of the yelpers mentioned about the location behind UPS store. We walked down the road trying to look for the address and we passed by the UPS store but I didn't see any sign of Indo Cafe. But then from the road I could see through the UPS store because they have their backdoor opened. It dawned on me that the business could only be accessed from the parking lot not from the Big Basin Rd. We turned around and found access to the parking lot and of course next to the backdoor of the UPS store there was a sign that said "Indo Cafe".

The place was tiny with three big wooden tables. It kinda reminded me of someone's kitchen. We ordered coconut rice combo, Padang rice combo and ice cendol. The ice cendol was brought out within minutes. Cendol is made of mung bean flour and shaped like worm served with coconut milk, palm sugar and crushed ice.
Ice cendol - with coconut milk, palm sugar and crushed ice

It took about fifteen minutes for our orders to arrive. They came in platter with rice in the middle and the condiments around it. Hubby's Padang rice combo had a big pile of rendang beef (cooked in spices and coconut milk), young jack fruit cooked in yellow curry, two skewers of padang style satay (beef satay with yellow gravy sauce) and a red egg (hard boiled egg with chili sauce gravy). My coconut rice combo also had rendang beef and red egg, perkedel (deep fried potato with spices) and deep fried yellow chicken

coconut rice combo with generous sides
Padang rice combo

The beef rendang was flavorful and the just melt in your mouth. The portion was so generous that we still had some left over beef rendang to take home. They also offered other Indonesian snacks like croquettes (rounded potato with minced meat and veggies filling) and risoles (veggies filling deep fried pastries). I was so tempted to try but my tummy just couldn't handle any of them anymore. Looks like we will have to go back another time.

Indo Cafe
14443 Big Basin Way
SaratogaCA 95070   (408) 741-1514