Sunday, March 18, 2012

Peacock Indian Restaurant - Cupertino

This review was almost titled "Deceptive Marketing Strategy or Honest Human Error ?" Continue reading to find out more about our recent experience there.
Hubby's first round :)

A coworker of mine told me about this Indian restaurant that just opened a new location in Cupertino. They offered $5 lunch and dinner buffet and also $5 Biryani rice. This offer along with the 25% off regular menu was supposed to be good from March 16 through March 18.

So off we went this afternoon. I was thinking wow with the price that low the line must be out the door. We did see a bunch of people outside the restaurant. Parking lot was full so we had to park on the street. When we walked in there there were like twenty over people just standing around. Some looked like they were lining up to the register. Nobody greeted us and there was no clear line for the buffet either. I pushed past the crowd to get to the counter and saw a wait list there. I put hubby's name and went back to the crowd.

While waiting it seemed that the line to the register was for take out. And then we saw this guy writing on few pieces of paper that looked to us like some sort of announcement. A few minutes later, he went to the door and sticked those announcement outside. I couldn't quite able to make it out from where we stood so I sent hubby out. He came back in and told me that the notice said that the buffet is going to be 25% off regular price. I went to the guy that seemed to be in charged of seating guests up and asked him what's the price for the regular buffet. He said $10.99 before 25% off. Oh well, we made it here and waited like fifteen minutes. It's cold out and we were hungry. So we just sticked around while the guy that I talked to earlier made his round and explained to everybody waiting that the price for buffet is going to be 25% off instead of $5. We noticed only a few people actually left. Rest of them were pretty much submissive just like us. Some did questioned about the emails that they sent out and also the price that was clearly stated on their website. I wasn't sure what happened. Did they not anticipated so many guests coming and chickened out of their own offer? Or somebody messed up and announced it on emails and on their website when it should be limited to just walked in guests ?

Sweet corn soup (Chinese style)

When we finally got the table about ten minutes later, we couldn't wait to attack the buffet line. First thing I noticed was the Chinese style corn soup with slices of green onion on top. Interesting. Then some deep fried fritter thingy which I wasn't too sure what else inside beside flour. Then I scooped up tandoori chicken and also butter chicken. Next was some pulao chicken rice which was spiced rice cooked with pieces of chicken and onion. I also got some beans cooked with onion. I stopped right there and went back to my table. Looked at my plate compared to hubby's which was more substantial.
My first round

My next round I went with spicy chicken that looked like sweet sour pork except this one was made of chicken and was actually quite spicy. Then I also got the goat curry and another curry which had darker color almost similar to the goat curry but was made of chicken. Those two last ones were quite similar to the Indonesian beef rendang.
Naan. Good and not oily.

So I guess this Indian restaurant offers cuisine with a bit Chinese influenced hence the sweet corn soup, stir fry noodle and spicy chicken. Anyhow the highlight was the spicy chicken, butter chicken and the green bean. I would say their food was in general very good. But I suspected they used tons of MSG since later on I got so thirsty. With that and also the price for the buffet, I guess that would be the last time we went there.
Peacock Indian Restaurants
10251 S De Anza Blvd, Cupertino, CA 95014
(408) 517-9000