Sunday, March 11, 2012

San Jose Noodle Bar - San Jose

When we got there on Saturday afternoon there was one table occupied. We chose a table and was given the menu. One of the items that hubby had his eyes on was not there anymore. Darn it. So he settled for a similar one - yellow noodle soup with wonton and bbq pork. I got a rice noodle soup with combination of pork, meat balls and prawn.

As we sat there waiting for the orders. I took in the decor of the restaurant. It's simple but modern. The wall was painted bright orange to give it a cheerful look. One of the corner behind us had a high vase with dried branches sticking out of it. Or I thought it was dried branches with petals but turned out that the petals were actually beads. Interesting.

We only wanted water but I was surprised to see slices of limes on our ice water. And it actually had a hint of lime juice in it. Very refreshing.

Come to our orders. We shared an order of spring roll (goi cuon). It came very nicely arranged on a platter with the dipping sauce on the side. The roll had leafy greens sticking out of it instead of the regular green chives. We could taste that the spring roll was freshly made since the skin was still moist but I think the skin was a bit too thick and chewy.

As we were enjoying our spring roll, the restaurant got busier. And it seemed like there was only three people working including the guy in the kitchen so the service was kinda slow. We got our bowl of noodle soup after we were almost done with the spring roll. The first thing I noticed was the size. Hubby ordered a large but he got the same size as mine. We didn't think much about it and started digging in. Only about ten minutes later then the waitress came back with another small bowl and I told her we got all our orders. She then said that it's additional to hubby's order since they made him a small one instead of the large one per his order. Aha !

My rice noodle soup was good even though the noodle was not the fresh one like I thought it would be. The prawns were big enough and fresh. Hubby's noodle soup didn't turn out quite the way he liked. The yellow noodle they used seemed to be either overcooked or not the right type for soup. It was not as chewy as we thought it would be. The bokchoy they used was a refreshing addition to the noodle soup though.
additional small bowl that came later on
San Jose Noodle Bar
856 North 13th Street  San Jose, CA 95112
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