Thursday, June 21, 2012

Le Quy Vietnamese Restaurant - Campbell

I accidentally found this restaurant while browsing on Yelp. So we went to check it out last weekend. I was a bit doubtful when looking at their menu on the website. Apparently beside Vietnamese dishes they also serve American breakfast (egg, bacon, etc). Hmm...

But when we got there we kinda understand. Judging from the decor inside, this business took over the previous diner which was most likely serving breakfast. In fact they still keep some of the previous waitresses. Smart. That way they could keep their breakfast clienteles.

Since we had spent time looking at their menu we pretty much know what we wanted. At least hubby did. I changed my mind last minute so I ended with #63 egg noodle with rottiserie chicken and hubby got #29 combination special dry noodle.

We noticed when our orders arrived that they looked alike. Both dry noodle with soup on the side along with bean sprouts and green serrano if you like. My topping was some minced meat sauce with mushroom along with half rottiserie game hen. Hubby's topping was the minced meat sauce with one huge prawns and a few smaller ones and also a crab leg. The noodle went well with the meat sauce but the rottiserie chicken gave it an extra notch. Too bad the chicken was a bit on the sweet side. Hubby thought my order was better in value. Lots of protein. I was even able to share my chicken with him.

I think we'll be back there again.

Le Quy Vietnamese Restaurant
1461 W Campbell Ave, Campbell, CA 95008    (408)871-7171