Saturday, June 30, 2012

Patio Filipino - San Bruno

Crispy binagoongan - fried pork cubes
We found out about this restaurant on a TV program called "Check Please". Since the location wasn't convenient we have kept it at the back of our mind till last weekend when the opportunity came. Coming home from the SF Pride Parade we swung by to check it out.

It wasn't exactly any meal time when we arrived. Too early for dinner but yet there were a couple of tables occupied. We were seated and menu brought to us along with ice cold water.

Having watched the program we knew what to order. Calamares fritos - deep fried squid with special sauce. Crispy binagoongan - fried pork cubes over eggplant topped with mango and tomato salad. Guinataang Sitaw at Kalabasa - string beans and squash with shrimp and pork sauteed in coconut milk.

The calamari was supposedly on the appetizer menu. But they brought everything out for us at the same time.  No complain there. It makes it easy to have everything out on the table. We ended up eating it all together with rice instead of enjoying it separately.

Calamares fritos - deep fried squid
The calamari came out as a surprise. It wasn't the dish we thought it should be (like the one in the show). This one is deep fried squid served with a dipping sauce that taste like a combination of mayonaise and lemon.

The fried pork cubes came out looking pretty with combination of red from tomato and yellow from mango. But those two items didn't get to show any flavor since it was overpowered by the fried pork cubes. If you ever tasted the chinese style bbq pork (the one with the crispy skin). This fried pork tasted like deep fried chinese style bbq pork. No kidding. But with additional kick to it. There was some sort of rub spices on it. Sooo good but at the same time soo guilty. I was thinking man, I could have a heart attack here anytime. If the fat didn't kill you then the sodium intake will increase your blood pressure.
Guinataang Sitaw at Kalabasa - string beans n squash with coconut milk

The string beans dish came out in a big bowl. Looking very appetizing and very similar to the Thai curry that we know. The squash was tender and creamy. String beans were crispy. There was also some slices of ginger in the bowl and more of the fried pork cubes. OMG. Winning combination there.

All in all we had good time there. Good food and also very good value for money. We ordered three dishes knowing that it would most likely be too much for us. But we won't have other chances to go back otherwise. In the end we only finished the calamari and took home the other two dishes. And those two dishes still lasted us another two meals later.

Patio Filipino
1770 El Camino Real, San Bruno, CA 94066
(650) 872-9888